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Just checked out sweep. Build was tedious because of some dependencies that I (slackware) didn't have, such as the tiny tdb package. Sweep's site claims "Developed with the support of:...Pixar Animation Studios", though I don't know what that means. Sweep handles large (not huge) files acceptably; the GUI is in a separate thread, but you still have to wait for a full scan to complete in the background before you can do most operations. It crashed within a few minutes of my playing with it, but did not crash for the rest of the time I tested it. Sweep has its own plugins and uses the ladspa plugins, which is a really good design. There's a cool scrub tool that simulates sliding mag tape back and forth across a head by hand. I have not found any multitrack support nor envelope editor. The features page has a summary of the main features. -[Ringtones]


This one's UI was praised by ESR for good reason. The UI is not amazing, but it's easy. We used audacity here for a 15 minute short video with dozens of audio tracks. It didn't explode, and the volume envelope tool worked well. Audacity can be a tricky build. It doesn't work on one of my workstations. -[Ringtones]

gnome wave cleaner

Small utility to fix pops, noise, etc in sound files. You can sample a section of noise and then gwc will use one of four supplied algorithms to remove that pattern from the rest of the sound. I like this program; it's well-done enough to be useful. The try-undo-try-undo pattern is getting old, though. I'd like to see people trying new interface paradigms in sound editing (not to mention image editing). -[Ringtones]

2002/09/30 09:30 PST (via web):
Ardour Ardour is a Multitracking editor. It's still in alpha stage, but is usable. Not for beginners. But one to keep an eye on.