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Film Formats

Common Output Formats and Resolutions
Film Format Full Res Half Res
Academy 3656 x 26641828 x 1332
Cinemascope 3656 x 31121828 x 1556
Full Aperture 4096 x 31122048 x 1556
"Squeezed" Vista Vision4096 x 30722048 x 1536
Vista Vision 4096 x 61442048 x 3072
CCIR-601 NTSC 720 x 486
CCIR-601 PAL 720 x 576

Note: All film formats are oriented left to right, top to bottom, except for VistaVision and "Squeezed" Vista Vision images. These images are oriented top to bottom, right to left.

This is based on tables from: http://www.cinesite.com/CineonTech/fsImgFrmt/fsImgFrmt.html