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Linux Movies Resource Guide

If you've read this page before, you'll want to go right to the TopicsList.

2009-10-24 wiki frozen. Write to Drew if you need it changed.

2007-05-12 turned off all anonymous page editing due to spam.

2006-08-05 turned commenting off to slow down the spam. You should still be able to edit pages to add your notes.

After Sam Richards' idea, the LinuxMovies mailing list now has a wiki. The wiki is operated by DrewP.

There are other link lists out there. Some features of this repository are:

More rules:

Besides indicating whether you're a pro or hobbyist, remember to specify which tools are OSS or commercial.

This isn't the place for simple "gimp is great"/"gimp sucks" postings. Reviews are to help your peers find what they're looking for and to alert people to good or bad programs or pages. Once you've added value to the repository, you can show your passion.

Sam Richards adds: The point is that before somebody goes off and spends time getting something compiled, they might have a realistic expectation of what they are going to get.