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open source packages -- Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:15:09 -0700 reply
Not that I know a lot about this stuff, but from the Mental Ray description it looks like your talking about ray-tracers and such.

Two open source ray-tracing apps that I know about are Yafray and Povray. Blender recently added support for Yafray.. http://www.yafray.org/ The images it makes looks very nice to me. It's able to do batch rendering and the ability to use multiple rendering forks and such makes it very simple to use something like OpenMosix to get clustering support. At least last time I checked it out it could do that. It's under the LGPL license.

Povray is the other one. http://www.povray.org/ It's been around much longer then yafray, but I beleive that developement was stalled for a while. Doesn't seem like it anymore though. It's images seem to be very nice, too. It has it's own special Povray license. It's actually quite old and stems back before the GPL realy was established as a standard oss license. Still very usefull, of course, and source code is publicly aviable and there have been forks from the project.